provides a transparent and inclusive discussion board, fostering credible collaborative thinking. It promotes deeper learning and equal opportunities in education, in and out of the classroom.

 “The main value of Ment is that it forces people to have an opinion before they post something. The main features that enable that is the need not only to respond, but (i) check whether someone already wrote it, so you need to respond to them, and (ii) a student must take a stand, rather than just write.” is integrated with Microsoft Teams

Increase engagement, collaboration, and assess students seamlessly - all on the discussion board!

View which suggestions are most helpful, using our AI-based scoring system

Deep, detailed analytics

View progress with personal, team, and question analytics

Challenges with classroom discussions

Discussions are not inclusive enough, only partly reflecting the students' collective knowledge.

Using on Microsoft Teams solves these problems by offering:

Structured and simple discussions

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Evaluating and grading participation is convoluted and demanding.

It is difficult to engage students during and between classes.

Gad Allon
Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions 

Participation Assessment

Using you can easily see the bottom line in a large discussion, and receive in-depth unprecedented student grading profiles.

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